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Getting ADC Garbage reading when OPENAMP is working

Najib Kassab
Associate III

I have to read ADC readings from 4 channels on both ADC1 and ADC2. In production mode, when OPENAMP isn't enabled, everything works as expected; however, when it's enabled, two channels are getting garbage readings. I do not know why or how to fix it.

P.S I am using starter package from ST and I have updated the device tree

ST Employee

Hi @Najib Kassab​ 

could you please precise what mean for you "OPENAMP enabled/disabled" ? Enabled on M4 side ? Compiled with/without ?

Does 'garbage' mean fixed value ? else ?

Maybe just a buffer overwrite (as OPENAMP uses SRAMs buffers) with ADC DMA buffers or sowftware data. Please have a look to your memory map generated by the compiler.

Could be also a stack/heap overflow.


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Najib Kassab
Associate III

Hi @PatrickF​ , When I enable OPENAMP on the M4 side, I get two out of four channels with a garabe value; there are no fixed values; they are near-zero values.

I tried to increase the stack size, but it was still the same.

I will check the memory map, as you mentioned.