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Failure while FitImage signing [ openstlinux , stm32mp135f-dk ]



I am trying to have full secure booting on the stm32mp platform, using FIP and fitImage on a custom distribution built using Yocto with the meta-st-stm32mp layer.

For the fit image signing, all steps are well described here [st wiki ] :

i haved added those modifications directly on stm32mp13-disco.conf (just for testing)

But i have this warning :

WARNING: u-boot-stm32mp-v2021.10-stm32mp-r2-r0 do_deploy: Failure while adding public key to u-boot binary. Verified boot won't be available.

So my kernel is well loaded but the signature is not checked.

I have changed nothing else after doing my repo sync (openstlinux/ yocto [ kirkstone]).

Is something there to add on configurations in order to implement FitImage signing ?



Douglas MILLER
ST Employee

This forum thread was marked by the moderator as needing a little more investigation, so a Support case was created in your name and will be handled off-line.