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Synchronizing Time Between A7 and M4 Cores on STM32: Accessing STGEN Timer from A7

Associate II


I need to synchronize the time between the A7 and M4 cores. While I found some resources on the ST Community that accessing the STGEN timer from the A7 side.

the article is below

So, I tried this on A7 too.

for reading/writing peripheral registers from the A7 core is outlined in STWiki article.

I think accessing /dev/mem offer a same capability. I tried and successfully employed this approach for UART4. However, I failed when it comes to reading the STGENR using this method.

Could someone provide guidance on how I might access the STGEN timer from the A7 core? If there's a more efficient or recommended way to synchronize the time between the A7 and M4 cores, that information would be invaluable as well.

Thank you for your assistance.

ST Employee

Hello @MJo.3

You can check these links : 

Hope that helps!

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Associate II

Hello, @Sarra.S 

I read the two links. but still, I can't understand how to access the STGENR.

the first link says CNTFRQ register but it isn't listed on manual.

in second one, I guess this part "4 Software frameworks and drivers " would be an answer but it just send me code without any explanations.

So i checked the code and find

mmio_write_32(STGEN_BASE + CNTCVL_OFF, (uint32_t)counter);
mmio_write_32(STGEN_BASE + CNTCVU_OFF, (uint32_t)(counter >> 32));

static inline void mmio_write_32(uintptr_t addr, uint32_t value)
*(volatile uint32_t*)addr = value;


I think it's the same approach.

So, I guess permission is the key. 

how to change the permission to read this value in user space?

Associate II

I said it's about permission but STGENR can be accessed in non-secure mode.

Does non-secure mode mean A7 Linux userspace?