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Display orientation

Associate II

I am using the STM32MP157x-DK2 discovery board and building the qt-example image.

During boot the ST splash screen is displayed on the LCD as things get underway. I replaced the .bmp with one of my own , horizontally oriented, and it was presented portrait style. I changed the orientation and it still rotated to portrait. If I am reading things correctly it appears that the format of the bmp is incorrect as importing the original bmp into a tool like photoshop and resaving it destroys it and it is no longer displayed. I am also convinced that the OS is setting the display into a 480x800 portrat mode rather than 800x480 landscape and for the life of me I can't find how to change this.

Is there a description of how the thread of drivers and configs go together to allow me to set the orientation?

My application also uses a QT based web display which sees the LCD as portrait ( I want landscape ) so it must be right at the bare metal level that my build is 'wrong'.




Associate II

Any help please!

ST Employee

Hello @LAK17AT ,

In fact, the STM32MP157 series have a default display in portrait mode, that we cannot change.
To tackle your issue, I think you have no choice to operate a rotation inside your main application, that will be helped by the GPU.

Kind regards,

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Associate II

hanks for the reply. Is there any way to rewrite the drivers to work in Landscape?

Is there any documentation on how the splash screen displays the ST logo in landscape mode. Everything we try the display is automatically rotated to portrait!