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STM32WLE timing between OTAA request and gateway response

Associate III

Hi All,

I'm creating a TTN application using a STM32WLE5JC. After configuring the LoRaWAN application in STM32CubeIDE I have been able to send an OTAA join request to a gateway using the credentials provided by the TTN application. I can see the join request being accepted in the TTN console and I can also see the radio activity in SDRsharp.

My problem is the following:

Even though the TTN application accepts my OTAA request, my LoRa application on the STM32 always end up with a "MAC txTimeOut" message over the debug trace output. I can see that this message always appears 4 seconds after the OTAA Tx. Looking at the TTN console and the local radio activity, I can see that the gateway does in fact respond, but it takes about 5 seconds.

My assumption is that the gateway takes longer to reply to the join request, and that the STM32 thus ignores this late reply.

Some more information:

  • I am using the 868 MHz EU band.
  • The TTN application uses MAC V1.0.3
  • The 4 second trace message corresponds to 4 actual seconds passing, i.e. the message timestamp is correct.

This issue may be related to this issue and/or this issue. There seem to be quite some discussion on the TTN forums which mention that the join delay should indeed be around 6 seconds.

Can anybody tell me what the root of this problem can be? Is this an issue with my device configuration, TTN configuration or something different?

Any help is much appreciated!