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STM32WL55JCI7 RF line design


Hello there!

I have a request regarding PA matching impedance measurements.

  1. We are currently working on the implementation of a VHF pulsar system. Initially, we tested it on the NUCLEO board without incorporating the filtering components (impedance matching and harmonics rejection). Now, we're planning to design an RF line operating at 150 MHz with a power output of +22 dBm using the STM32WL55JCI7. I was wondering if you have access to the PA matching impedance measurements similar to the ones outlined in Annex A of AN5457. Additionally, it would be greatly appreciated if you could provide measurements at +14 dBm as well, as we'd like to test it with our current SMD Argos module equipped with an external PA could do the job with minor BOM modifications.
  2. We have designed an SMD module with an external PA for Argos TX communication, currently operating at 401.3 MHz with a power output of 26 dBm. We are looking to optimize our setup and would like to inquire if you have the PA matching impedance measurements for the STM32WL55JCI7 at +14 dBm and 401.3 MHz, or if you can recommend any references that would be helpful in enhancing our design (VNA analysis).
  3. Furthermore, I'd like to know if the STM32WL55JCI7 is capable of performing Argos downlink communication. Does STM32WL not support BPSK RX modulation? Is it a limitation of the SEMTECH module or the Sub-GHz interface?
  4. Have you previously conducted tests with the switchless configuration proposed by SEMTECH in AN1200.54 Figure 13, the SX126x Switchless reference design?

Thank you for your exceptional work.

Best regards