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STM32WBA55CG DISCO kit ST-LINK drops connection to the MCU



I just received my disco kit with the STM32WBA55CG on board, and I am facing extremely weird behavior. 

ST-LINK loses connection to the target during code execution in both debug and non-debug mode. After that, I am no longer capable of connecting to the target and uploading new code/starting debugging.

The only thing I can do is to hold the reset button on the board and connect with STMCubeProgrammer, reset flash and then upload something else. 

There are basically two problems:

  • Hardware reset on ST-Link does not work (I should do that manually)
  • Random disconnects from the target. It should not happen even after a hard fault. And here it is happening constantly

I don't understand if this is a problem with software or settings, and I can fix it fast. Or is the board faulty? I just don't want to waste time debugging.

Should I just return it?

P.S. The funny thing is that I have been using STM MCUs for a decade and tons of projects. However, I never had a DISCO board from them; starting from my very first project with STM MCUs, I used only self-designed boards. And I never had any problems with that. This is my first time buying a disco board to save time while waiting for the custom design. And I got this... I was expecting everything to work out of the box.

ST Employee

Hello @WirelessManWM 

I can't reproduce this issue on my side. Can you give me a description about how we do that.

Best Regards


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