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STM32WB55CGU6 Radio configuration


Hi to all

I got interested on STM32WB55CGU6 which is recently available as a development board found online and in its reference manual I kind of notice that there is no detailed explanation or rather configuration for the Radio CTRL register and BLE Cntrl. Are these suppose to be like this?


Any help with you guys.


Best regards.

ST Employee

In the WB series architecture, the application M4 core does not have access to the radio registers. The user software, which runs on this core, communicates with the other M0 core using defined messages and this core can set all the registers accordingly.

You can read up on this architecture in this application note How to build wireless applications with STM32WB MCUs - Application note or visit the Wiki site Category:STM32WB Series - stm32mcu.

I see. Thanks a lot. I will give some time on reading this application note. Hopefully it will give additional knowledge.


Best regards.