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hi all,

i am using stm32wb55 for my project ,i was setup one stm32wb55 as client and another stm32wb55 as a server both boards are connected via ble using data throughput example can anyone please help me how to code to send some data (ex:hi ) from client to server 

thanks in advance

ST Employee

Hello @vijay3 and welcome to the ST Community 😊.

For your case, I think is going to be easier if you start uploading the "BLE_p2pClient" example on a board and the "BLE_p2pServer" on the other. Than you can modify the codes to create your personal application.

Best Regards.



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is it not possible with data throughput example..?

i have gone through with p2p server and one is p2p client  both are not connecting


hi @vijay3 

With USB also you could be able to communicate between client and server.

hi sir  

i want data streming with high speed ,is it possible with usb example sir?




USB supports 12Mbits/sec speed 


There are many examples available related to USB , with that if you'll  do some R&D definatly it will work. 

is there any example that you have done stm32wb55 as a server and client and send data via ble please send me sir 

Senior  this link will helpe you to understand  how to use USB in the programing.  this link will helpe you how to send and recivie data through USB.

now based on this you have to  make your own code in which you can define how server and clients will act when data is getting recivied and transmitted.