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STM32WB Firmware OTA stalls for some images

Associate II


I am using a STM32WB55RG MCU and I flashed a custom BLE_Ota application on it that uses the HSE clock instead of the default LSE and where the user app starts at 0x10000 instead of the default 0x7000.

I am using FUS v1.2.0 and BLE Stack 1.13.0.

Using the ST BLE Sensor Android application, I can find the board and for most of the images I try, the OTA succeeds completely.

But for random other ones (no big obvious differences in the application), the transfer just stalls forever always at the same point, after sending the first 52824 bytes (regardless of the size of the application to be sent). I joined here a screenshot of this screen.

It looks like there might be a flash writing issue at this specific flash address (0x10000 + 52824 = 0x1CE58) but for other apps of the same size/logic, it works fine.

This is consistent as non-working apps will always fail at this exact point during the OTA transfer and working ones always work nicely until the end of the transfer.

Is this a known issue?

Best regards,