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Rejoining zigbee network fails

Jorge Alves
Associate II

Dear ST,

I am trying to configure a simple zigbee centralized network with one coordinator and one endpoint, but I can't manage to correctly configure a rejoin request.

As I understand it, a rejoin can be used to join a network as well. As per the documentation, the proper way is using the ZbStartup function with a startup control of 0x02 ZbTypeRejoin and setting the ExtendedPANId correctly (I have set one to this experiment). However, this results in a ZB_NWK_STATUS_INVALID_REQUEST. Using a ZbStartupRejoin after restarting the end device results in a ZB_APS_STATUS_SECURITY_FAIL from the aps layer, but the network keys are preset in both devices and operate on the default security level. I can't seem to comprehend why the procedures fails, I am definitely missing something. I would really appreciate it if someone could shed some light on joining, rejoining and its required configuration or point me to any material on this subject.

Lastly. The devices will be part of a persistent network and there's a way to preconfigure every device with a configuration. Is this a valid approach?

Best regards,

Jorge Alves


ST Employee

Hi @Jorge Alves,

To manage the rejoin request after restarting the device you have to implement the persistent data to be able to load the network parameters required for this purpose.

Actually, when the end device joins a network, the coordinator generates a network key to be used for encrypted communication across the network, this key will be lost in case of restarting the device.

ZigBee persistent data feature is highly recommended for the management of reconnection/ rejoin. 

Please refer to the project examples on our GitHub STM32WB FW Package : 

  • ..\Zigbee_OnOff_Coord_NVM
  • ..\Zigbee_OnOff_Router_NVM

Best regards,


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