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Reduce occurrence of Instant Passed (0x28) BLE disconnection error

Xavier B.

Hi everyone,

I am developping an application on the SPBTLE-1S module (BLE 4.2).

When the connection quality is low, a disconnection will sometimes occur with error code 0x28 (Reason: Instant Passed) before the connection timeout is reached.

Current connection settings are:

Conn_Interval_Min: 10

Conn_Interval_Max: 20

Slave_latency: 5

Timeout_Multiplier: 3200

Reading more on this type of error, it seems to happen when "an LMP PDU or LL PDU that includes an instant cannot be performed because the instant when this would have occurred has passed." These paquets are typically used for frequency hopping or for connection updates. In my case, they must be frequency hoping paquets.

Any idea on how to prevent these disconnections caused by "Instant Passed" errors?



Associate III

Wondering if you found a solution. I get this sometimes even with a good connection from Android or iOS to my ST BlueNRG-LP chip.