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One-to-Many LoRa connection

Associate II


Can someone help me to clear one moment in using LoRa.

Let's say I have one RF remote control, which is pointed to 4-5 remote devices.

How can my remote control distinguish replies from these 5 remote devices?

Sorry if this is a dummy question. I'm new in radio.


Andrew Neil
Evangelist III

LoRa itself is just a modulation technique - you would have to add features in your upper layers to deal with this.

(in LoRaWAN, the signal from a node will typically be picked up by multiple gateways - the rest of the network takes care of dealing with those duplicates)

Associate II

Thank you @Andrew Neil​ !

Ok, what would in LoRaWAN happen if several end-point devices send a radio packet to one gateway at the same time? I mean if they are on a same LoRa channel. Collision?

I don't know the details off-hand