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How do I know when I get an answer to these questions. Where will the answers appear. Does anybody actually respond to these questions.

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Hello @MAndreka​,

Welcome to ST Community!

One of our Ground rules is "Do not post the same question more than once. This creates extra work and makes answers harder to find. Repeat postings will be deleted."

If you ask a question, try to provide a brief description in the title, then provide details later in the dedicated section. (refer to this guide).

Our experts will take care to answer your question, the duplicated one will be removed.

Please note that our experts are reviewing the Community questions, but cannot provide a real time support for all of them.

This is said, we are not engaged to answer every post. We rely mainly on the help of our Community members and this is what makes the Power of the Community!

Thanks for your understanding.


To give better visibility on the answered topics, please click on Accept as Solution on the reply which solved your issue or answered your question.

Sorry,I have never used a blog before.I try to stay away from anything to do with social media.Sorry I didn't mean to ask the question more than once.I dont know how these things work, that's why I'm asking.Perhaps you could inform me how I get a reply.When I use other products, I can always ask the company directly and I get an answer directly. It appears that ST want to sell their products but not support them directly.I'm terribly frustrated trying to find any help on the ST website.Their example programs consist of more than 100 files in stead of 20 lines of code to explain a simple procedure.The ST engineers are trying to show us how cleaver they are, when their aim should be to make is cleaver with simple, to the point examples.And now I get the same sort of answers from you, in stead if explaining what I must do.No

wonder I tend to stay away from social media.Now would you please answer my question.

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Hello @MAndreka​,

great to have you as part of the ST Community. I am sorry to hear you have had troubles finding the support you were looking for. In the ST Community, you can ask your questions in the respective questions & answers topic and other community members, or ST experts will answer by commenting your post. I saw you already received an answer to your question: which library and header file must I use with app note STM32WL5x advanced Arm®-based 32-bit MCUs with sub-GHz radio solution

You are also welcomed to check out our Knowledgebase for useful information (Knowledge Base ( or contact online support directly (Support Home - STMicroelectronics).