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TouchGFX, Shifted image

Associate II

Hi I am luis

I have tried to test stm32f4r9i-disco evaluation board.

I made new stm32f4r9i mcu project and merged stm32f4r9i-disco evaluation code but I have a problem!! 


No matter what I modified in the code, I could see the same moved image.

please help me 


I attached my code(click to below link) and shifted clock image

My SourceCode 


Chief II

Your idea create new and merge project is fine , but skip some real set. For example add TochGFX into new project is step 5. And you skip steps 3.4. maybe 2. too.

Then try start from start ... or better from real working example.

thanks for your reply.

could explain "step"?? more??

or please show reference link(guide)

I dont rememmber guide existence, but normal is develop custom boards. Discovery is little simple , but i dont like lego play. Then steps:

1. Make description hw ... display IF ... method for render display based on IF ... create new project and configure every peripherals planed to use. Generate first code.

2. Add BSP or your drivers code to initialize peripherals internal and external to working state and test it one by one.

3. Test display method planed to use in TouchGFX separately and touch too if used.

4. If all work open ioc and add software package TouchGFX and configure it. After generate MX code open first oncetime template and init touchGFX project. Add somethink one element on screen and generate code. Switch to IDE

5. Try build first code and handle touchGFX render and touch part to work.

6. Design your own GUI...