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touchgfx doesn't invalidate screen properly

Associate II

hello everyone, 

I try to run TouchGFX on STM32F2 series MCU (Cortex-M3) by using Cortex-M0 core lib. The project built successfully and run TouchGFX. The screen seem good. But I have a problem, after the animations like slider, button pressed etc. the objects doesn't invalidate properly. If I call "invalidate()" periodically, it is OK, all screen update succesfully.

I am attaching the photo of my problem, Can using the Cortex-M0 core lib cause this problem?

  • TFT driver : ILI9488
  • LCD Interface: FSMC
  • Partial buffer (3x1000byte)


WhatsApp Image 2023-08-02 at 18.09.45.jpg


Associate II

I realized that when an object need to invalidate, touchgfxDisplayDriverTransmitBlock(..) function passes that h(height) is 2. This can cause the downsampling of data. When I invalidate the screen periodically, the incoming h argument is 1 every time. Why can the passed argument be 2?




ST Employee

Hello @hsynk ,

I don't think i's related to Cortex-M0 core lib usage. In some cases, it's normal to invalidate before and after an animation. Can you share your project so I can have a deeper look at it? (you can send it with pm if you'd prefer)

ST Software Developer | TouchGFX