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TouchGFX designer and CubeIDE source files

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I am using the TouchGFX designer to create project and source files , afterward import the project to CubeIDE.

I am using TouchGFX 4.23.2 and CubeIDE 14.1 .

I've seen many question regards this topic , but surprisingly none of the advices solves this very basic problem for me.

After creating the sources in TouchGFX, I am opening the CubeIDE workspace in the project root (not inside CubeIDE folder.

From that location I've tried the following:

1. File -> Open Project From File SYstem -> Directory:

    Show two projects. One of the called as the TouchGFX project and the othe called CubeIDE.

    None of them is exports nothing to the CubeIDE.

2. Import Project -> Existing Project Into Workspace:

    Import a project that *always* called CubeIDE, although in .project file there is another name. 

    In addition the .ioc file has another name.

    Renaming the files currently did not succeed, therefor I failed to create 'operational' project.


Please guide how should the user create a simple project in the TouchGFX designer and then import it into the CubeIDE. 

Best regards,



Hey Muhammad,

The TouchGFX project import together with the CubeMX project generation solved my problem.

I've created a CubeIDE project with proper naming convention on top of TouchGFX example.

Thank you very much for the detailed and professional support.



Glad to hear I could help 

Good luck

Mohammad MORADI
ST Software Developer | TouchGFX