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TouchGFX 4.23.0 Designer sometimes skips interactions of custom containers

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Working with the latest version (4.23.0) for some time now. Luckily for now I have the generated code tracked in git.

When generating the code using TouchGFX Designer, I notice that sometimes some interactions of my custom containers are not generated. For now it is always related to the triggers of the Custom container that are used on my views (that use the custom container). The callback method (for the trigger) on the view is missing (in the ...ViewBase.cpp file):




 Often only after I open the related view in the designer and then regenerate the code, this missing callback method is added to the generated code. Does anyone else have the same issue?

First it was only for one specific callback, but today I see three missing callbacks..
Very interested to the cause of this issue, so I can choose how to work around it until the next release

- Project too big for the generator?
- Too many interactions on a single view?
- Custom container issue?
- ...?


Hello @EmbDev ,

Sorry about the inconvenience. To be honest, we haven't received any other similar report, and I tried to replicate the problem but I couldn't see it. 
Is it possible for you to share us your project? Or can you use the latest version of the TouchGFX (4.23.1) and see if the issue still exist? 

Thank you so much

Mohammad MORADI
ST Software Developer | TouchGFX

It is very consistent for one specific click callback.
It somehow does make a difference whether the view is selected in the designer or not..
Which seems quite strange as the generator is an external script, right?

Updated to 4.23.1, but this didn't solve the issue, also ran the generator with the verbose flag.
Is there anything else I can do to get more information about this issue?

Hello again @EmbDev ,

Could you please share your project with me privately if you cannot share it here? 

The behavior you're describing is extremely strange, and I cannot figure out what the cause of the problem is without thoroughly investigate it.

Thank you 

Mohammad MORADI
ST Software Developer | TouchGFX

Since I cannot share the application, it took some time. But now I managed to create a small example (see attachment).
While creating the example I also found the bug.

There are two custom containers in the project.

  • CustomContainer1 contains one item called finished.
  • CustomContainer2 contains one item (name irrelevant).

Both containers are added to the same view.

  • CustomContainer2 with name finished (!)
  • CustomContainer1 (name irrelevant, but contains an item called finished).

For CustomContainer2 I create an interaction (clicked callback).

When I open the project (screen1 is selected) and click generate -> No callback generated.
When I select the Screen1_1 view in the designer and generate -> Callback generated.


The cause must be the duplicate name finished, but there is no warning or error or anything.