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Stm32F407 with Monochrome Custom LCD

Associate II

Hi All,

Actually, I've just started using stm32f4 discovery board. I'm trying to make a Stm32project with custom based monochrome LCD. So, Is it possible to work it using TouchGFX? 

I have tried to build an empty project in the IAR Workbench, but it fails the build with some errors from the hal folder under the touchgfx library. 




Hello @azMikro ,

Welcome to the community!
Yes, it is possible to use TouchGFX with monochrome displays, but you have to start your custom project from a STM32CubeMX, not IAR.

There are comprehensive documentations available to guide you starting your project and you can access them from here .

I hope this helps you, don't hesitate to ask more questions

Mohammad MORADI
ST Software Developer | TouchGFX
Associate II

Thanks for the Welcome @Mohammad MORADI ESFAHANIASL . 

Actually, I created the project from CubeMX and added the TouchGFX as a software then generated the code files for IAR Workbench. It's kind of a requirement for my project to use the IAR Workbench. but when the project is created, I try to build it, but I get the error for some missing files. Like this... 



Now I've checked my project directory and there is no folder named touchgfx/hal created here.

Following are the folders that were created...






Oh I see the problem
You did well on creating the project, but after that, you need to open the created TouchGFX project "ApplicationTemplate.touchgfx.part". Then, you need to generate code through TouchGFX (I added the picture for it), so, the required files are generated. Now, you can compile the IAR project.

Generate code in TouchGFXGenerate code in TouchGFX

Let me know about the progress

Best regards,

Mohammad MORADI
ST Software Developer | TouchGFX

Hey, Actually I covered that part already I searched for a while in the forums and found a guy with the same issue and followed what he did (It was the same as your solution). And the code built fine after that, but I had a different issue my lcd was still unable to display anything. Basically, because I don't actually have the driver files for my LCD (st7541). I have been in touch with a few other guys here . so now I will basically need to make the source files for that, I guess. do have a look at the conversation and do let me know if you have some suggestions. 

Thanks ✌