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STemWin Touch Driver (ADS7843) problem

Associate III

Hello All,

I am setting up STemWin on STM32F103VE MCU. The graphical part is all setup and working fine!

The problem is the Builtin touch screen driver of STemWin. I have gone through the manual and created the low level SPI communication part and tested it separately and is working fine. I am able to read the ADC values and they are perfect for touched positions.

And after that I have registered this low level i/o layer to STemWin using a call to

GUITDRV_ADS7846_CONFIG Config = {0};
  Config.pfSendCmd   = ADS7843SendCmd;
  Config.pfGetResult = ADS7843GetResult;
  Config.pfGetBusy   = ADS7843GetBusy;
  Config.pfGetPENIRQ = ADS7843GetPENIRQ;
  Config.pfSetCS     = ADS7843SetCS;
  Config.xLog0       = 0;
  Config.xLog1       = 319;
  Config.xPhys0      = 4000;
  Config.xPhys1      = 600;
  Config.yLog0       = 0;
  Config.yLog1       = 239;
  Config.yPhys0      = 800;
  Config.yPhys1      = 4000;
  Config.Orientation = GUI_SWAP_XY;

I have placed breakpoint at the function which get ADC results from ADS7843 chip. And I am calling these function periodically as specified in the manuals.


But my problem is that Widgets are NOT responding to touches and the pointer is fixed at 0,0 always.