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Nucleo-f767zi and x-nucleo-GFX02zi CubeMX and HelloWorld

Associate III



I am new at the STM32 World. 


I started to buy a nucleo-f767zi and it worked fine. 


I was not able to get the debug Console running. Like other too. 


Because of that I bought the extension Board  x-nucleo-GFX02zi which should be working fine with the F767ZI. 


Now I tried with CubeMX to installed the Hello World Example provided.

But now I get the Message that these Packets is not Support with CubeMX 6.11. It should be support by Version 6.7 until 6.8.2.


I tested 6.8.2 and 6.8 but without any changes. It seams like the SPI does not fit together. Always I got no solution found. 


Does the GFX02zi can be used with the F767ZI? Or do I have to everything new. 


I am going a bit crazy. 


Is there anyway a working step by Step intruduction for Add a Display to a STM32. 


Thanks for any help 

best regards



Thanks. exactly. 


But the test and prototype no a GUI and PINs. 


Because of that, I bought a simple LCD SPI Display which is very good documented and Howto`s are available. 


I hope this way I can achieve success more quickly. 





Sure, not problem. We provide our board + display setup just for easy of use.

Just out of curiosity, may I know what display you went for?

Gaetan Godart
Software engineer at ST (TouchGFX)

I bought a simply ILI9341 SPI one. 

I saw enough documentation and explanations howto.  

I am looking foward to get it running next week.



Oh ok.

Yes, a  lot of people use it so there is a lot of documentation about it but it is also all over the place, it is a mess. 😅

I personally think we should make a TBS or 2 for this display and maybe some more for other ILI9xxx.

Gaetan Godart
Software engineer at ST (TouchGFX)

would be helpful. 


If you like I can tell you my result, next week

ST Employee

Sure, that would help us if we end up doing a TBS for it (and that would also help me convince the product owner)!

Gaetan Godart
Software engineer at ST (TouchGFX)