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NEWS! STM32H7R7/S7 Product line for graphics

Dear all,

We are very happy to announce that the new STM32H7R7/S7 graphics line is launched, offering even higher performance and memory flexibility. 

The main graphics benefits are:

1: Rich graphics features: NeoChrom GPU, LTDC, JPEG Codec, Chrom-ART

2: 2x Quad or octoSPI, 1x 8/16bit Serial RAM interface at 200MHz DTR, 1x 32bit FMC for SDRAM.

3: 64Kbytes of userflash, large enough to fit your boot code, and small enough to make an impact on the price, making it the cheapest STM32H7 to date. still with 60Kbytes of SRAM. 

4: MCE: on-the-fly encrypt and encrypt of your code and data. 

5: Run multiple applications with one MCU. 

6: Future proof your design by not running out of memory. 



STM32 software and hardware tools available:


For more information:

ST Employee

Dear community,

We have released the STM32H7S78-DK TBS on TouchGFX Designer version 4.23.2 😀



ST Software Developer | TouchGFX
Senior II

Dear community,

I am an STM32-minded lead engineer in the maritime industry. I brought the STM32 era to our development team.
I read about this STM32H7R7/S7 that it comes "With a dedicated graphics processor".

Does this point to the infamous GPU2D peripheral built into the STM32U5G9, which lacks any documentation to use it?

Will it finally be documented this time, or will ST just abandon their developer community again and ban writing code for it?

Please understand that using unsecured code for an unwanted GUI and undocumented peripherals on highly critical ship equipment is absolutely not an option for us.

While we still have excellent (non-ST) solutions for it at the moment, I'm still curious about ST's direction regarding supporting their community.

Happy developing everybody, but at least for now, always leave GPU2D disabled to save power!

I just ordered one of these DK boards.

Am I to believe the only way to use GPU2D is via TouchGFX?

ST still does not have any documented or supported GPU2D as of today.

But note, a least one competitor (Dutch) has it all, at even higher clock speeds!

Ah, that is a bit of a shame. I ordered the board to investigate GPU2D, not TouchGFX!

Something very troubling is the bug that exists for generating of TouchGFX projects for the STM32CubeIDE with "Generate Under Root" selected.

This same error exists for dual-core MCUs as well.  If you generate a project template with "Generate Under Root" selected, when building the project in TouchGFX it will not find the .cproject file, and the build will fail.

This has been a known bug for quite some time.  It seems a simple fix, why hasn't it been addressed?


Interestingly TouchGFX designer only runs on Windows. 

All the other tools run also on Linux and OSX, not TouchGFX designer though.

So the recommended path is to run a windows VM, and ST seem to be saying it will not be ported to other operating systems. Very strange.

The STM32H7S78-DK board though looks pretty good, you even get a WIFI adapter and a SD card with it. The examples though are limited.

Shame there is no documentation for GPU2D and it also relies on a piece of software that only runs on 1 out of the 3 supported platforms.



Pavel A.
Evangelist III

@ACapo.1It may run under wine, have you tried?


Nope, I will use a windows VM to have a look.