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Multiplexed OctoSPI with LCD 800x480 on STM32H7A3

Senior III

We are planning a new project and would like to know if the following configuration would work:

  • SMT32H7A3 CPU (280 MHz)
  • Multiplexted HyperRAM and HyperFlash via OctoSPI2
  • LCD module (LTDC) 800x480 with Touch
  • TouchGFX Graphical user interface

Has anyone experience with HyperRAM and HyperFlash in multiplexed mode together with TouchGFX? Is that possible? If so, are there any pitfalls?

Any comments are very much appreciated!

Best regards


Senior II

I am considering pretty much the same setup.

Did you get it up and running?

Hi Southbranch,

to be honest, we had a certain delay in this project. But it will be ramped up within the next months. I hope to get it up and running then - fingers crossed. The HyperRAM is working in another project - but this has no TouchGFX and no HyperFlash included. The key for the Flash will be to have the download programmer working for Keils ULINK Pro.

I will report as soon as I can tell more.


Principal III

or use tft with built in controller, as i do;

i have here 7" TFT, 800x480 pix, touch , with EVE controller and SPI connected to stm32H7A3 board;

read about displays with such controller, so you can play even video ;

displays with EVE :

and the library i use is by Rudolph :

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We already have selected the LCD (and already have the panels in stock) and we are definitely using TouchGFX, which is a great tool to design our screen menus and to operate through our complex user interface.

Our main question is about the configuration with HyperFlash and HyperRAM.