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Is ST EEPROM emulation possible while touchgfx is running.

Associate II

Hi, I am trying to use the ST-CUBE-EEPROM driver to store some settings with touchgfx 4.16.

I have a separate section defined in the linker script, 24kB for 500 variables at the end of the internal flash. It works well if I run it before the touchgfx task starts.

If I try to read a variable while touchgfx task is running I get a WRPERR in the flash status register. I have image assets stored in memory mapped external flash and fonts in internal flash. Am I able to stop touchgfx from locking the section I defined for the EEPROM somehow? Or do I have to go down the same route as suggested for memory mapped external flash by stopping the touchgfx task?

Thanks for the help 🙂

Russell Burge


The internal flash introduces significant stalling issues during write/erase, so highly problematic for real-time work

A structure and direct use of flash is recommended over the eprom emulation

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Chief II

Stalling can be really long and a serious issue while erasing. When writing it is typically at a microsecond range and can be tolerated in many projects. Reading should "just work". If it causes a write protection error like WRPERR, there definitely is a bug somewhere.