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Integrating 3.5" TFT Display (320x480) to the B-U585I-IOT02A Discovery kit

Associate II

We’d like to integrate 3.5" TFT Display (320x480) to the B-U585I-IOT02A Discovery kit – We’re open to suggestions in that regard. One possible option is HXD8357D.

Correct if I'm wrong, integrating it to the Discovery Kit is possible via SPI interface - Since there is no 8-bit parallel LCD interface on the Discovery Kit.

We need to keep the resolution and dimensions the same in the PoC as the end product i.e 3.5" TFT Display (320x480) - keeping that in view:

  • Do we have a better alternative (in ease of integration) to HXD8357D?
  • Would 8-bit parallel LCD interfacing be possible between HXD8357D and B-U585I-IOT02A?

Looking forward to your response,

Thanks in advance,


Associate III

Any luck with this?  I want to add the Arduino Shield from Adafruit, or the display from Elegoo, but neither have a good tutorial that fits the B-U585I-IOT02A