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I have a STM32H7B3I Eval-board, Keil compiler and emWin. The demo "Hello world" is running just fine when the LCD_LAYER0_FRAME_BUFFER is placer in SDRAM on adr. ((int)0xD0000000). But I want it to run in the SRAM from adr. ((int)0x68000000).

Associate II

I have maked this changes to make the switch from SDRAM to the SRAM (IS61WV102416BLL) on the Board.

#define GUI_NUM_LAYERS 1

#define LCD_LAYER0_FRAME_BUFFER ((int)0x68000000)

/* Initializes the SRAM device in the Main*/


But it don’t Work, if I set LCD_LAYER0_FRAME_BUFFER back to

 ((int)0xD0000000) SDRAM

then it work.

It looks to be something that needs to

be Init but I can’t see what it is.

Need help.

Associate II

The NE3 "CS for SRAM" was missing, it need a jumper on JP2, it means that the SRAM has never worked.

Now the Background color �?GUI_SetBkColor(GUI_GREEN);�?  works, but the “GUI_DispStringAt("Hello world!", (LCD_GetXSize()-100)/2, (LCD_GetYSize()-20)/2);�?

Shows a defuse Hello world! When I use the SRAM, and a clean Hello world! When SDRAM is used.

FMC_NBL0 and FMC_NBL1 is common port pins for SDRAM and SRAM I

wonder if that can be a problem?