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Display issues with STM32F469I-DISCO and TouchGFX example

Associate II

Hi team,

I am trying to run the TouchGFX example from STM32CubeIDE on the STM32F469I-DISCO board. Everything compiles and I am able to flash the target. However, it looks like many items from the menus are missing, see a few pictures of how the menus look like.

Main screen:


 TouchGFX Presentation Demo screen:


Alpha Blending - Bird Eat Coin screen


Graph Demo screen


Is there anything that could explain so many parts not moving? Touch inputs seems to work (swipe, scroll, touch).

STM32CubeIDE version: 1.13.1

STM32Cube MCU Package for STM32F4 Series: 1.27.1

Let me know if any other information could be useful to troubleshoot this issue.



Lead II

Hello @GuillaumeB 

Can you try another exemple to make sure is a hardware problem or code problem.

Best regards.


I did try the `STemWin_Animation` example, and the screen worked. Is there any other examples I could try to help investigate this issue?

Chief II

Looks like you haven't flashed the resources part - images etc. Most likely those are located on the external 16 MB Quad-SPI FLASH chip.

That would make sense, thanks Piranha. Is there a convenient way to do it via STM32CubeIDE?

For demo/example projects it should definitely be doable by CubeIDE and/or CubeProgrammer. I don't know all the details for this, but you have to look for an "external loader". And somehow you have to prepare or get somewhere that resource file.

Associate III

Also, make sure the project is set up for the correct version of the DISCO board. The one you are using is the new version (can be easily identified as it has the black microphones, whereas the old one had silver microphones U1 and U2). If you start from touchGFX, they are differentiated as B-07 (old) and AU1 (new - the one you have) see picture below. I have both of them, and the projects set up for one do not work for the other board if they use graphics.