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Merging SBSFU(.hex) and Application(.sfb) into single hex file not working

Associate III

Hi Community,


I'm in a process to combine the SBSFU and Application file into single intel hex using srec_cat.exe doesn't work.

srec_cat Application.sfb -binary -offset 0x08010000 -o APP_Offset.hex -intel

srec_cat STM32G0B0RE_SBSFU.hex -intel Application.hex -intel -o Combined_App.hex -intel


Combined_App.hex always executing in bootloader and not jumping to application after several power cycles.


Is it because of encryption/signing?

Can anyone suggest better approach to deal with this?

ST Employee

Hello @Tarun ,

Can you give more information on the error message you get on the terminal and could you give more details about the process you followed to install the combined app . Lucking a lot of context to further guide you throw your manipulation .


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