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Is it possible that Cipher acceleration hardware module of STM32F756ZGT6 changed somehow from one shipping order to another ? Or maybe there are more recently or better files?


I have been using HAL library of cipher acceleration hardware before on the same mcu (first 100 units) without any problems, but in my last order, all mcu goes to hardfault error when i used exactly the same code on it (same binary file). By debugging, I realized that this library doesn't execute well the read/write operations from the cipher hardware, and then crash on hardfault. This error ONLY happens on my last order of 100 mcu chips. I really don't understand what's happening.

Any ideas?

Are there more recents upgrades on the HAL library encryptation module?

I am using stm32cube version 1.10.1 IDE, and stm32cubeMX version

I didn't change to more recently versions, because they change the way ETH drivers is configured.


You can check the stepping of the chip via the DBGMCU DEVID

Check the errata

Check that the HASH / CRYP units are enabled / functional

The F746 and F756 are the same die, one with those functions disabled.

There's been some occasional history of the factory blowing the fuses wrong on some STM32 devices, you should check the year/week production codes with your local FAE or sales rep.

Check things like the Q PLL running, or whatever clocks the units

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