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Implementation of TFM_SBSFU on STM32U585


Hi All,

i have downloaded the STM32U585 firmware package from the official sources and want to implement the TFM SBSFU program code into my development board(U585-IOT2A) using STM32 Cube IDE. The user manual mentions installation not possible using Cube IDE and works with EWarm IAR Workbench version 8.50.9. But i am not able to download the mentioned version of EWarm IAR Workbench. Please suggest the following:

  1. Implementation support using STM Cube IDE
  2. Working IDE version of EWarm IDE.

Kindly provide assistance regarding the same.

References Used : UM2851 and STM32U585 Firmware Package

Thanks and Regards

ST Employee

Hello @Community member​ 

First let me thank you for posting.

If you have a newer version of IAR that the 8.50.9, you should be able to run the program with it.

The mentioned IAR version is the minimum one that support the project.

Kind regards,


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Hello @Semer CHERNI​ 

Thanks for your reply

Could You please suggest some solution to run the code on STM Cube IDE.

The main issue with IAR is we have to purchase a license for code size > 32kb and the SBSFU is greater than that, one of my colleague is facing errors in running the SBSFU application in IAR 9.

Please suggest implementation on Cube IDE.

Thanks and Regards

Associate II

hi @Community member​ and @Semer CHERNI​ 

I have a perfectly similarly question I just asked very recently regarding TFM Application from STM32U5 package

is there a way (e.g. even from the command line) to build such applications without the IAR software, which is commercial?




Hi @GTort.1​ 


As per my knowledge from the user manual the TFM Application wont work with any other tool than IAR and that is commercial.

I am requesting from my end to ST Official to provide a quick solution to enable the same using STM Cube IDE



Hi All @Semer CHERNI​ ,

I came to know about a recent update to the TFM package that will be provided from ST Side with support for STM Cube IDE as well. Please comment if any official confirmation on this is coming from ST Side. it would be really helpful if we can get a solution so that we can implement the same.

Awaiting a reply from the community


that's what they replied also to my similar issue: by the end of February there should be a new version of STM32U5 Cube with suppport for building all projects in STM32Cube IDE





We are also waiting eagerly for an update from ST side on this regard.



HI All

First of all i would like to thank ST Team for providing an update on the TFM Package. I downloaded the package and am trying to build the TFM SBSFU Package with the following prerequisites

  1. python installed
  2. pip with requirements also installed(requirements.txt)
  3. python added in environment variable
  4. installed imgtool from python script

(these are taken from the readme document)

When i build the tfm-sbsfu program from stmcube ide i am getting 2 errors.

  1. can't cd to the path \..\..\..\..Middleware\Third_Party\mcuboot: no file or directory
  2. No File found - \..\..\..\imgtool\main,py: no such file

I verified the directories mentioned the 2 errors and found the files were present. due to this the script is failing. (Attaching the error screenshot for reference).

I request help from the channel to know if i have missed anything.

I am refering to the readme files and UM2851- Reference Manual

Kindly assist me

Thanks in advance


Guillaume K
ST Employee


is there a space character in the path where STM32Cube_FW_U5_V1.2.0 is installed ?

if yes, try to install it in a path where there is no space, or use DOS subst command to create a new drive letter from STM32Cube_FW_U5_V1.2.0\ and load the project from this drive (in STM32CubeIDE).