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Which microcontroller the best?

Vyacheslav Azarov
Associate III

Hello everyone,

Which of the microcontrollers in STM32 series contains the least silicon erratas, and has the best quality and reliability.



The H7 will give you the most headaches.

The F1 is antiquated.

Given the choice I'd go with the F76x​ or L4Rx.

The H7 has a lot more horse power if you need a 6.2L V8 in your application.

Tend to be a lot of other variables controlling the best choice, all the STM32 silicon has been pretty reliable, arguably better, and more consistent, than the immediate competition. ​

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Vyacheslav Azarov
Associate III

Thanks for answer Clive, Yes, I very respect structural solutions of ST microcontrollers. This is a best in class architectures and best commercial offers. I am completely satisfied with your answer. Thanks again.