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Unable to perform Dual Bank swap on STM32L496VGT6

Nikhil D&K
Associate II

Hello Developers, 

In my product solution based on STM32L496VGTX, i am currently adding NFC DFU feature. Using the demo examples we were successfully able to receieve and store the firmware packets using mailbox of ST25DV04KC module. But after firmware validation whenever i call function to swap bank and reset the board, the new firmware  is not getting loaded. 


So i thought of testing Dual Bank swap for my selected controller i.e STM32L496VGTX. I have tried to implement the same issue in a standalone project which i have attached for your reference. Where demo binary example (Red led blinking f.w)  is programmed at address 0x08080000 (bank 1) using STLink Utility. 


Now using STM32Cube IDE i am running code on bank 0, with Blue led blinking. On button press the banks will swap and reset will take place. But for some reason i am unable to switch to new firmware. 


So can anyone please look into this issue. I have attached  the project file containing all the code needed for bank swap.



I have reffered the following links for refference: