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Transition from PIC

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Hello All

Noob question here - seeking advice.

I've been using PICs for many years now and writing only in assembler. I've reached the end of my tether with microchip and the lottery of which IDE will work with which programming tool and with which device, plus many other glitches and bugs with their hardware and software.

It seems like time to migrate to ARM but I still want to mostly code in ASM. Could you please advise what IDE (if any) would be best for dipping my toe in.



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.. I've written thousands of assembler lines with PIC chips (I didn't have C). I have written thousands of lines of assembler with the STM chips - but always as routines called from C. C can be misused horribly - when used badly, I compare it to a shotgun with a 2 inch barrel, but if used simply (with the intention of writing clear/understandable/maintainable code) it is a relaxing way to write basic chores (initialise peripherals etc.). I write direct to registers though - it is simple, efficient and robust (and is almost as efficient as writing in assembly language). I use the Keil IDE (an old version) and I've been able to debug my assembler routines in the simulator satisfactorily. So these days I do most of the program in C and only use assembler when speed/efficiency (=better battery life) is required.

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Many thanks again for all the informative and detailed responses, which are very helpful.

I'm particularly struck by the quality of these responses, certainly compared with those that one can expect from some microchip forums.

I'll get a dev board or 2 and give some IDEs a whirl, see how quickly I can produce something functional.

Thanks again all.


The spectrum of programmers is very wide.

From Scratch, (micro-)python, javascript, java, C++/#, C, RUST, ASM, there is a large scale.

Each programming language typically is best fit for a particular need.

Code performance also has a scale:

Interpreter, JIT compiler, virtual machine, compiled code, etc...

It's like a fight, how big is your arsenal to win over time... or cost.