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Touch Sensing Controller Environmental Control System limits



Our application of the touch sensing controller is a three zone capacitive sensor with the left and right sides connected it the form factor of a 4 zone with three signals. We have it placed along the surface of some black plastic that is meant to stay mounted to a bicycle all the time.

The environmental control system of the touch sensor is supposed to be recalibrating the touch sensor for humidity and temperature every 500ms when it is in the released state and it seems to work reasonably well.

The first summer since we launched our product has come along now and we've noticed that the extreme temperatures on the black plastic eventually reach a state where the touch sensor seems to believe it's being touched all the time. There's even logic in the code to move the threshold for touches too the maximum, 255, if the sensor is not in the release state for over 5 seconds.

Is there an expectation that there is a limit to hot warm the touch sensor can reach? Do we need to have different capacitors on the circuit to reach higher temperatures or is there some kind of support in the touch sensing controller for higher temperature range?

Please advise if there's anything we can do,