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STM32U5A5QJI6Q, Clarification on the differences between these two variants - reg

Associate II


Dear Team,

We are currently in the process of selecting components for our project, and we have identified the STM32U5A5QJ9(STM32U5A5QJ , foot-print size UFBGA 132 7x7x0.6 P 0.5 mm) microcontroller as a potential candidate. However, upon reviewing the datasheet, we noticed that there are two variants available: one with SMPS (Switched-Mode Power Supply) and one without.

Could you please provide clarification on the differences between these two variants? Specifically, we would like to understand the functionality and features that differentiate the STM32U5A5QJ variant with SMPS from the one without SMPS.

Additionally, as we are interested in procuring the exact variant that suits our project requirements, could you please advise on how we can accurately specify and order the desired variant online?




Uwe Bonnes
Principal III

Have a look the the datasheet. You will find expanation of the differences and the ordering scheme there.


The part is new STM32U5A5QJ there is no reference design also, in datasheet we couldn't find any only I requested to know the details.






Hello @Sakthi_IND 

To know the devices implementing SMPS, you have to Follow the Ordering name specifications as you can see here:


Best Regards.


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With only specifying "STM32U5A5QJ" you miss at least 2 letters and a third letter 'Q' if you want the SMPS variant. On the webpage at the moment only "STM32U5A5QJI6Q" is in stock,  with 'I' for UFBGA an '6' for 105 max junction temperature and 'Q' for Dedicated pinout supporting internal SMPS step-down converter


i understand, We are currently in the process of selecting components for a battery-operated wearable device, and we are considering utilizing the STM32U5A5QJ microcontroller for this purpose.

Could you kindly provide insights or recommendations regarding the suitability of the STM32U5A5QJ in the context of a battery-operated wearable device, particularly regarding power consumption considerations with and without SMPS?