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STM32U585 SmartCard Mode Init Error


Hi Team
I am working on the ST provided package with TF-M Example and working on adding the smart card interface at uart3(without using cube mx setup). I have a working code with smart code with TF-M Structure(GTZC enabled) and using Cube MX. I used this code and added the necessary drivers and files associated to the smart card interface.

The issue is: when using the HSI as clock source for the Smart Card Interface for USART3-> i m getting error at the SMART Card Init function(the exact error is occurring at point where the transmitter and receiver is enabled(function Smartcard_Check_Idle_State(smartcardhandletypedef). 
But when im using Sys Clock as the clock source, I'm able to get the init function working perfectly fine. My requirement is to use this HSI as clock source to use the smartcard interface.

I request support from the team to find out a solution to use the HSI as a clock source for the USART3.
Awaiting support in this regard