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STM32L4 ADC reading temperature stability


Our product uses a STM32L452 to measure the 4-20mA loop current of an external sensor. The product has an operating temperature range of 0-40°C.

The STM32L452 datasheet (Tables 78 to 82) lays out the accuracy specs for the internal ADC but aside from Table 79 which lists TA=25°C, there is no mention of temperature ranges or the effect of temperature on the reading stability.


AN2834 section 3.2.10 states that "The temperature has a major influence on ADC accuracy. Mainly it leads to two major errors: offset error drift and gain error drift" and section 4.2.9 prescribes re calibrating the ADC when there is a significant temperature change.

The reference manual RM0394, section 16.4.8 states that this removes any offset errors but doesn't mention gain errors.


Is there any guidance as to what the effective ADC reading stability over temperature is assuming periodic internal calibrations are performed?