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STM32H7A3 USB-C connector wiring, lack of USB details in datasheet


I'm attempting to wire a USB-C connector to the deluge of strangely named pins available on the STM32H7A3VIT6 (100pin LQFP).  Pin names STP, NXT, CK, D0 thru D6 are available on the H7A3 via CubeMX but I'm not able to find information on pin function in order to map to the wildly different USB-C pin names.   The schematic for the Nucleo board uses different port pins and pin names than come from CubeMX so not much help in decoding.    I sense that I'm missing an important special document on USB.   I have seen app notes on USB and STM but these are high level and mostly oriented to power and not data.

1) I would be fine with device USB 2.0 HS connection (reduced set of pins) - which pins go where on the connector?

2) is it mandatory to use a phy chip?  if so, which one corresponds to the STM32h7 pin names?

3) is there a simple document that shows the wiring diagram for USB 2.0 and USB-C on the 100pin STM32H7A3?

Thanks in advance


Update: creating a CubeMX pin mux for the 144 pin part on the nucleo and then looking at the schematic shows which pins for Device Only USB 2.0.   PA12=HS_DP, PA11=HS_DM on the 100pin part.    That is the answer I was looking for.   USB-C connector will be used with hopes of more current at 5v on first board version and later board designes we will likely want 19/20v high-ish power (100W).


These documents were not much help