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STM32H750B-DK OTG_FS Device: can't get embedded DP pullup to turn on

Associate II

I've generated a CubeMX project for a mass storage class device and can't seem to get the OTG_FS embedded pullup on DP to engage. I've enabled VBUS sensing, and can confirm that the code initially does a soft disconnect (OTG_DCTL->SDIS = 1) then a connect (OTG_DCTL->SDIS = 0), then I get a VBUS sensing break-point when I plug  into a PC (confirmed that OTG_DTCL-> still is 0), but I never see the pullup engage so no enumeration.

Is it true that after the initial soft disconnect and when SDIS = 0, then the pullup should engage when VBUS appears without code intervention?