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STM32F466VET7 Program and Debug

Associate II

Hello everyone, 


I am designing a PCB and I need a ST-Link connection for debug and programming. This is my first time in this kinda stuff so I need some help.


Which one should I have to use for debug and programming?

As I understand Serial Wire is for debug.

1) What is Trace Asynchronous Sw? Can I also program with this ? 





Use Serial Wire

PB3 = SWO provides for a debug communication channel, basically a serial output.

The Trace requires a more advanced debug/trace pod, connectors frequently found on the EVAL series boards.



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Pavel A.
Evangelist III

If you want to use SWD with SWO, "Trace asynchronous sw" is the option that you want.  Else, select "Serial Wire". This is for SWD without SWO.

Yet another example of clever, intuitive naming in the Cube GUI.

In both cases you can add optional pin DEBUG_TRGIO (I've never used it).