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STM32F407VET6 FSMC to LCD driver

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I want to try to interface a 7" 1024X600 display with the STM32F407VET6 chip. I know that the F407 does not have a LTDC so I was wondering if I could use a LCD driver chip that could be wired to the FSMC of the microcontroller. I also plan on using an external memory chip for the frame buffer of the screen. Would something like this be able to be done?


You're persistent I guess. But got to be better approaches to whatever problem it is you have to solve.

The F407 probably not a great choice, your application, still and animated images are going to need to live somewhere.

The Frame Buffer needs to be directly off the device controlling the panel, otherwise you're going to have bandwidth issues. This size display has pixel data clocked from a buffer at 50 MHz continuously, and that's aside from you drawing and painting on it.

A RPi board and panel would be easy to source.

This part has an integrated 128Mb (16MB) frame buffer

This one bolts it's own SDRAM on the side

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Thank you for helping me out and providing me options.  I have just been trying to solve this with the microcontroller that I already had. The UI will only be updated if the sensor input is updated other than that it will just be stagnant. Would I need an LCD driver if I went with one of the options above or is that what the LT7683 is?