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STM32F103RB and LRWAN1

I bought STM32L073RZT6 and LAWAN1 expansion board, will STM32F103RB and LAWAN1 be compatible?
ST Employee

Dear @young9020 ,

Welcome in STM32 community ! Happy to see your contribution.  LoRaWan package from ST was developed soles years ago using STM32L0 MCU and Semtech SX expansion board as this long Range Modulation is for long life Battery and ultra  low power operation - STM32L0. But today we offer even more optimized solution with our single MCU - STM32WL ( MCU + LoRa) more compact . Then you can of course connect to any MCU for other operations and also customize the Open LoRa/LoRaWan stack such as STM32F103 or similar.  
You need to define your application requirements and purpose , then the time to develop either in few minutes or days .  
welcome again and others community members will help you .



Semtech SX1272MB2xAS LoRa®extension board

It can be ported to the F1 platform, but it's non-trivial. You have to pull over all the HAL and get into the details. Probably not something I'd recommend in your first outing.

Why the F103RB ? Size of the FLASH / RAM ?

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