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stm32f030 programming using stm32 flash loader

Associate II

hi every one.

I want to program an stm32f030 chip using stm32 flash loader. I know this programmer communicates with the boot program of the MCU. I used this programmer for a microcontroller of mine in a custom designed board (which has been programed using standard ARM programmer and worked before), but it couldn't program it. On the other hand, I used it in an evaluation board (which has not been programmed before) and it worked properly.

I have two questions:

Does the boot data is loaded to the MCU during the production or must be programmed using a standard programmer?

Where can I find the boot file?


The System Loader is factory programmed.

You should check the state of the BOOT pin. The Loader might execute if the flash is blank.

You could also try the STM32 Cube Programmer, or even probing the loader via a serial terminal application. ​

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is it possible that the system loader has been cleared by the standard programmer (JTAG/SWD programming) ?