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STM32CubeProgramme can connect after full flash erase of STM32H563 (NUCLEO-H563ZI)

Associate II

Had been able to connect to connect to the STM32H563 chip using the STMCubeProgrammer.  However after a full chip erase was performed was no longer able to connect.  The following message popup appears when trying to connect:

“Cannot connect to access port1!. If you are trying to connect to a device with TrusZone enabled please try to connect with HotPlug mode. If you are trying to connect to H5 device and your target is already locked with password or certificate, please open your device using Debug Authentication."

Other than the full flash erase, no other operation was performed, no flash code had been changed, etc.  The board was just out of the box working until the flash erase operation was performed.


Accepted Solutions

I replaced the USB cable with a third and it is working correctly. Thanks so much for your support. 

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ST Employee

generally, this probability of this problem is very small. there are many ways try to resolve it:

1. change a short and good quality USB cable to connect the board and retry.

2. change the option of STMCubeProgrammer like Frequency, Mode, Access port... and retry.

3. upgrade the ST-link FW by STMCubeProgrammer or ST-LinkUpgrade.exe

Associate II

I have tried each of these with no success.  I am able to connect to a different NUCLEO-H563Zi board that has not been erased with no issues.  Could any of the issues listed in the errata for the STM32H563 apply?  Do I have to have to perform a discovery using Debug Authentication?

Maybe try DFU connection over user USB. Steps is power board for example over stlink , 2. pull BOOT0 pin high 3. connect second USB cable , 4. press RESET button

wait check enumerating USB in device manager. Try Cubeprogrammer connect USB DFU mode...

I replaced the USB cable with a third and it is working correctly. Thanks so much for your support.