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STEVAL-MKBOXPRO firmware upgrade, Unicleo GUI and IDE




[1] I have this board STEVAL-MKBOXPRO. on my PC, I have installed all ST software [IDE, CubeMx, Uni-cleo GUI, Unico GUI, AlgoBuilder Suite].

[2] I have connected this board via USB-typeC to PC. 


[Q1] Uni-Cleo GUI does detect the mkboxpro as a COMPORT, i dont see any STMicroelectronics tag on the COMPORT. while connected, there is no firmware version detected.



[Q2] Is there any ST virtual comport driver to be installed for this mkboxpro board ?

[Q3] I was able to connect via ST BLE Sensor App. However, I could not find any latest software image for Mkboxpro, can you please point ?

[Q4] I used the IDE and git cloned this project [GitHub - STMicroelectronics/fp-sns-datalog1: The FP-SNS-DATALOG1 function pack provides a comprehensive solution to save data from any combination of sensors and microphones configured up to the maximum sampling rate available on STWIN and]. Please let me know if this Project related binary image is loaded onto ?

[Q5] If the official image on the mkboxpro board is not the above one, can you please provide the right link.

[Q6] using tera-term,I see this ST_RQ message [when I try to remove the memory card]. so that confirms that the firmware is doing something and splitting out some reasonable message ST_RQ. In that case, why doesn't step1 work?






Hi Team@ST, 

[1] using the BT Sensor App does not set the board into DFU mode. I used expert mode and opened Debug Console on Android App. Please let me know how to set the board into DFU mode using the APP?

[2] I followed the procedure in [Getting started with PRO multi-sensors and wireless connectivity development kit for any intelligent IoT node - User manual] and set the board into DFU mode and was able to program the STSW-MKBOXPRO-FS based SensorTile.boxPRO.bin file. used USB Type C and STM32Cube Programmer.



[Q7] However, still the Unicelo-GUI does not display the parameters and other info about the board?

[Q8] Also, the official image is v1.1.1 [as detected by App]. Can you please point to the SourceCode or the Codebase of this v1.1.1?







ST Employee

Hi vlsireddy


This post has been escalated to the ST Online Support Team for additional assistance.  We'll contact you directly.


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