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ST, all but userfriendly

Posted on November 12, 2010 at 18:30

hi all,

first of, I just got my STM32VL Discovery. And it looks nice!

I took it out, pluged it in and an played with the buttons..


Next step: (5 on the cardboard btw)

to study or modify the DISCOVER project related to this simple demo,

visit and follow the tutorial.

Nice try but a 404 is given..

After some google search I decided to download Atollic.

I find the st tutorial and think I'm all set.

Guess again.. the tutorial says I have to go to the stm32vl_discovery directory..

But I can't find it (how could I, I didn't even downloaded something from st).

Anyways, my google search starts again, and by wonder I stumble upon the an3268 package. I hate to say it, but this is sh*t, how could I knew this? I never, ever found a download location. I didn't even got the hint that I had to download something..

But I'm set, atleast I think..

in the next step I need to add a variable path.. It points to a FIRMWARE folder,.. NICE, but where the hell is it located? I couldn't find it, so I suppose it's another download link... 

But where in earth can I find it? One thing is certain, NOT in the tutorial..

Wouter Vandenneucker

PS: can someone pls give me that link.. it's kind of frustrating..

#firmware #stm32vl #package #tutorial
Posted on December 03, 2010 at 11:31

I have the same experience.  I really hate it when these documents that are supposed to help you get started isn't doing its job.

I guess some tech guys are doing the documentation which in my experience, most tech guys aren't really good at such a job.  Normally, tech guys hate doing documentation work.  

They must have a good technical documentation person.  Morever, even the tool chain softwares aren't properly documented either.  What you see in the quickstart guides isn't what you'll see when you actually do it and download their softwares.  If they will upgrade or change their softwares, they must always update their manuals, docs, and guides.