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Socket App 100Mbps STM32F4-Disc

Associate II

Hello everyone

I have two questions.

1-) I'm trying to make a socket app application at 100Mbps with the STM32F407VG DISC card. I want to send and receive data via TCP.

2-) I want to measure the read and write time of a port.

Can you help with these two issues?

Chief II

Sockets are a software concept and has nothing to do with 100 Mbps, which is a hardware data rate. There are at least 3 different meanings of a word "port" in networking context.

Those two points are not questions. There is nothing to help, only expressions of your wishes.


Give me your e-mail information. I'll share with you a wiring diagram for 100mbps for this I did before.?

@pirhana it's interesting that you decided there was nothing to help. In this case, it would be better if you did not reply at all. This is a helping platform. Not everyone is experienced here. Instead, you can share a technical document or a site you know. Respects.