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SMBUS Block write -Block read process with Middleware

Associate II

Dear expert

I am currently implementing the SMBUS communication with TI BQ40Z80 via STM32L431xxx + Middle ware.

However, when observing the smbus waveform, N byte block write does not work properly and block read is also strange.

Other register accesses of BQ40Z80 that operate with READ, BLOCK_WRITE cmnd_query operate normally.

I would like help with the middle ware stack interface argument.
-. cmnd_query , direction , piobuf = STACK_SMBUS_GetBuffer(..) implement.


cmnd_code = command code;

cmnd_query = BLK_PRC_CALL;

cmnd_master_Tx_size = tx_length;

cmnd_master_Rx_size = rx_length;

 call STACK_SMBUS_HostCommand(....) function with direction = READ;