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Associate III

Hello ST community,

I am using STM32L476RG nucleo board and I am interested in reading the boards pin states while running , especially I would like to debug the serial protocols like SPI, I2C, ...

I tried with Cube Monitor but it seems, it is only used to inspect variables and not for probing pins.

Does anyone know if there is a ST tool that can be used for probing pins? If not, could someone recommend a third party tool? I have identified some analogical analyzers that could help : SALEAE, SEGGER J-LINK, ... Does anyone have a user experience to share?

Thanks in advance,


Uwe Bonnes
Principal II

If you have GPIOx->IDR and ODR in your program, you should be able to read themvia the monitor. I doubt however that you get sensible sampling rates to decode. Saleae works find, if you can couple it to the lines in question.

Thanks for the reply,

What do you mean by coupling SALEAE "to the lines in question"?

Attach wires to the pins, traces, vias, headers, etc​

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