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Port SBSFU from STM32F413ZH example to run on NUCLEO-F429ZI

Associate II

Hello everyone

I'm currently testing SBSFU, however, I'm new to ST porting stuff. I had successfully built SBSFU example for STM32F413H-Discovery with STMCubeIDE as the closest model to my target MPU which is STM32-F429ZI.

I wish someone could guide me on how to port the project. Any starting point or link to a step-by-step guide would be appreciated.


Thank in advance

Associate II

To be more accurate I'm looking for a "porting guide". I have already read the followings:

  1. um2262-getting-started-with-the-xcubesbsfu-stm32cube-expansion-package-stmicroelectronics
  2. an5056-integration-guide-for-the-xcubesbsfu-stm32cube-expansion-package-stmicroelectronics

There is clear guide on how to build and how to test the SBSFU for STM32 NUCLEO-L476RG. My problem is how to port that port to my target MCU.